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WBAT Safety


Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services selected WBAT to serve as the online platform supporting our SMS program.  WBAT's services will help us continue to strengthen our safety culture and practices.  

"WBAT provides the robust, online platform required to support our core principles." Ted Fergus, Chief Pilot.

Airplane Engine

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)


The safety of our clients and employees is a corporate imperative.  To this end, ACAS is integrating the ASAP program administered by the Air Charter Safety Foundation to foster a cooperative and open environment.

The ACSF is a non-profit aviation safety organization with 240 members dedicated to achieving the highest levels of safety.


Vegetation Mapping  

Great Smokey Mountains


ACAS provides support for a vegetation mapping project. This effort will support sustainable forest management planning protecting valuable natural resources. 

The Great Smokey Mountains contains one of the most diverse collection of animals and plants on the planet..



Las Vegas, NV


Many great exhibits and discussions at this year's NBAA conference in Las Vegas.  Always a great opportunity when you get to listen to a Hall of Famer.

Magic Johnson presenting at the 2020 NBAA Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition .


GEO Business 2019

London, U.K.


Many excellent seminars and tech displays at GEO Business 2019.  Representatives from over 56 Countries and 200 International Exhibitors.  

3007 Attendees, a 19% increase in visitors from 2018.  Demonstrating growing importance of Geo-spatial Data in planning and sustainment.

aerial view of marshland.jpg

ACAS Shoreline Monitoring

Everglades, FL


ACAS provided support for an aerial survey facilitating improved sediment management and coastal zone dynamics.

Data captured will aid in storm surge and urban development planning in response to climate variations. 


Discover Global Markets

Salt Lake City, Utah


Terrific venue to discover latest industry trends in the Indo-Pacific region.  10 of the top 20 growing economies reside in the region with significant investment in airport modernization and infrastructure.

U.S Aerospace exports totaled $143.2 Billion in 2017.

INTERGEO 2018 (5).jpg


Frankfurt, Germany


World's largest geospatial information conference and trade show.  What we learned?  The drones are coming.  A significant amount of floor space and agenda items dedicated to drone hardware and software solutions.

Over $2.9 Billion USD invested in drone industry in last 10 years.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

National Aviation Day


Once again, it is National Aviation Day.  Celebrated on Orville Wright's birthday since 1939.  Commercial and Business Aviation continues to rebound from the pandemic's severe impacts on the industry providing critical services for the United States.  

The Wright Brothers made their first flight on December 17, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Aspiring Pilot

National Aviation Day


Since 1939 the United States has observed National Aviation Day on August 19th.  Why?  Because it is Orville Wright's birthday.  Happy birthday Orville!

The U.S. derives over $22 Billion in revenue annually from airports.

Airops 2020.jpg

Air Ops Europe 2020

Brussels, Belgium


Premier conference for meeting with ground handlers, FBOs and airport representatives across Europe.  Also great opportunity to hear updates on European regs and safety requirements.

US Aircraft make up 8% of European business aviation traffic while turboprops make up 34% .

Aerial image of the lagoon of Ria Formos

Environmental Monitoring

South Central, LA


ACAS supported an aerial survey monitoring the impact of near shore oil drilling and transport in coastal areas.  

The data will aid responsible development and management of near shore operations to minimize impacts on coastal zones..

Beautiful panoramic photo over the tops

Vegetation Monitoring  

Upper Peninsula, MI 


As part of a broad area survey, ACAS aided in vegetation monitoring researching long term impacts of infestation and forest regeneration efforts. 

The study will explore regional differences between initial impact on vegetation and regeneration success due to localized geography.


NBAA Int'l Operators Conf

San Francisco, CA


Great opportunity to catch up on the latest in international flight operations.  The regional overviews provided insight into operating safely in a wide variety of environments.

46th Annual IOC - "To help international operators fly safely, efficiently and legally."

DHC-8 Nigeria.jpg

ACAS Concludes Contract

Lagos, Nigeria


ACAS finished it's latest contract in Nigeria.  Working with Omni-Blu Aviation in Lagos, ACAS successfully completed required Nigerian CAA inspections to operate within the country.  

Plane on Runway

NBAA Regional

White Plains, NY


Joined 2700 other attendees for an update on state of business aviation. Excellent opportunity to reconnect and see new applications in development.

NBAA CEO Ed Bolen noted that "there is a pervasive sense of optimism in our industry."


MRO Americas


The beginning of normalcy?  First opportunity to return to an in-person event at MRO Americas in Orlando.  Lighter turnout than normal but still good updates on the industry's recovery and future. 

Greg Hamilton, President Aviation Week Network, making opening comments.  Over 8,000 aircraft remain park in storage across the US.  Many in long term storage.


Importance of Business Aviation


Business aviation provides $150 billion to U.S. Economic Output and employs more than 1.2 million people.  Now more then ever it plays an important role protecting employees and providing safe and efficient travel.

59% of companies operating business aircraft are small businesses with less than 500 employees *NBAA Business Aviation Fact Book 2015


GeoBuiz Summit 2020

Monterey, CA


Great way to start of 2020.  Excellent discussions and presentations on the value of Geospatial Data and its impact on real-time analytics.

Over 250 attendees from 25 countries participated in this year's summit discussion the latest on innovation and technology .


U.S.- Caribbean Business

Miami, FL


Diverse market region with growing investment in the infrastructure and energy sectors.  Great venue to grow our network within the region with local companies and U.S Commercial Services Reps.

Caribbean countries imported over $22.9B in U.S. products and services in 2017.


NBAA Maintenance Conference

Fort Worth, TX


Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Awards Presentation during this year's NBAA maintenance conference.   Recognizing individuals with 50 years experience in aviation maintenance. 

Charles Taylor was the first aviation mechanic in powered flight who helped build the first engine for their aircraft.


ASPRS/ILMF Conferences

Denver, CO


Opening day of the International Lidar Mapping Forum and ASPRS Conferences.  Exploring new markets for 2019.  Most interesting session- LiDAR mapping and Archaeology.  Amazing research of Mayan Ruins in Guatemala.

800 square miles (2,100 square kilometers) mapped of the Maya Biosphere Reserve


Q400 News


Bombardier ends turboprop program in sale of DHC-8 Q400 and de Havilland brand to Longview Aviation Capital.  The move will consolidate all de Havilland series with the parent company of Viking Air.

Longview takes responsibility for worldwide support of1,000 aircraft and Q400 production.

Plane on Runway

WWII Weekend

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum


This never gets old.  Another great weekend enjoying these veteran warbirds fly.

B-17G Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady"  taxiing for take-off.

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